Mayfair 500 is an innovative development company with a focus on affordable housing partnership developments with our Registered Social Landlord partners, providing mixed use development, incorporating commercial uses which are retained in our growing investment portfolio. We acquire sites of any size, from 10 units upwards, subject to planning or an unconditional basis in and around London, Home Counties and the South of England, which are managed from either our central London office or our Southampton office.

The Directors of Mayfair 500 have long established careers in land, property development and affordable housing development working for Registered Partners and have brought those skills together in a professional, results driven development company that can think outside the box and get results. We understand there is no uniform solution for every site and will approach each site based on its own characteristics and find the solution which best maximises its potential whether that is private residential, affordable housing, commercial mixes or a combination of all tenures. Very few other development companies understand the complexities of the affordable housing market like Mayfair 500 and are able to maximise the value from this tenure.

We have significant experience of managing the planning process and working with an established and tried and tested team of professional consultants,  we work in a consultative way with planners to get the very best result for each site and have a track record of securing planning consent on the first application